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Shakey ground – feet of clay

It appears Obama is standing on very shakey ground about now, as the media, America and the world watch increasingly more of his underhanded and illegal tactics being revealed. And, don’t forget his close relationship he boasted of with Rev. Wright and Farrakhan and others. Then he suddenly turns on people whom he claimed to have a close relationship with and claims that it wasn’t so.

People don’t like what they see! There are probably hundreds of audio and video recordings, floating to the surface, of Obama on radio and TV shows – from back in 2001 – bragging about how he will conive some way to achieve “redistribution of wealth”, making cutting racist remarks about “all whites”, describing is “work” with ACORN, and his “bold decisions” on numerous topics. Now he is back peddling and claiming he never said those things.

Numerous other illicit activity are being exposed, many documented in recorded audio and video. And, what about all that foreign money pouring into his campaign? Does he really think he can continue to get by with the mounting stacks of evidence agains him?

Obama is becomeing something of a Bill Clinton. So slick and teflon coated that everything slips right off. Like Clinton, Obama can be shown a videotape of him saying something and he turns right around and says he didn’t say it, or didn’t do it. Kind of reminds you of a three year old, doesn’t it?

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